Sonic Boom Six 'Play On'

Format : CD and Download
Catalogue # : REBL003
Release Date : February 2009

Sonic Boom Six return with a double-CD package of rarities and remixes. On the first CD we have Arcade Perfected… the entire album of Arcade Perfect completely remixed in all kinda stylee from Dub to Drum n Bass to Dubstep to Plonkelectro(!) from the likes of our very own Ben Boom, Tim G, DJ Sonar, High Rankin, DJ BC, Dan from Skindred and much more.

The second disc is chockfull of rarities, demos, live sessions and unreleased tunes. We’ve really scraped the plate to find stuff that fits the standard of the first disc and have included lots of good stuff like the infamous ‘lost song’ ‘We Wanna War’ and some things never heard before by anyone, anywhere.

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Arcade Perfected:
1) Sound of Revolutionization (Ben Boom Mix)
2) While New Were Sleeping (Halcyon Myth Mix)
3) Ya Dubsta! (Tim G Remix)
4) I Changed I could Smile (Ben Boom Mix)
5) Arcade Perfected (Ben Boom Mix)
6) Meanwhile, Back in the Other World (High Rankin Mix)
7) For 12 Weeks, the City is Different (DJ Sonar & Ben Boom Mix)
8) Tell Me Something I Dub know (DJ BC Mix)
9) Flowered (Forbidden Planet Remix)
10) The Strange Mix of Sid the Strangler (Dan Skindred Mix)
11) For 12 Weeks, the City is Sleeping (Project Serendipity Mix)
12) September to Maybe (Ben Boom Mix)

Rare and Rejected:
1) Play On
2) Marching Round in Circles
3) We Wanna War
4) Devil Made Me Do It
5) Boy Meets Girl
6) Setting Sun
7) Found It, Burned It, Fucked Off
8) Cuckold
9) 3 Minute Hero
10) Sticks and Stones
11) The World's a Twisted Place, But it won't twist me
12) Face Forward